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Pressure-sensitive films and adhesives are an integral part of the manufacturing process in many industries, including Consumer Durables, Electronics, Construction & Energy, Industrial, Transportation and Packaging.


Numerous functionalities are available, including removable, repositionable, resealable and permanent adhesion for applications ranging from industrial bonding to skin contact. Chemistries vary, such as solvent-based, water-based and silicone, that can be configured as foams, medical device adhesives, medical adhesive tapes and single- or double-sided mounting films.


Functional adhesives, polyimides, aerogels and embossed materials can be engineered for thermal management of piping and other structural components.


Materials that are resistant to abrasion, moisture, chemicals, high-temperatures, sunlight and more protect components during manufacturing and finished products during shipping and end use.

Noise & Vibration Damping

Films and adhesives are used for acoustic damping applications across industries. Constructions are designed based on the frequencies and temperatures involved to serve as a visco-elastic layer to minimize vibration and noise.

Microstructural Functions

Films can be micro-embossed to serve a multitude of purposes, including anti-microbial, hydrophobic, aerodynamic, and light-diffusing functions, to name a few. Biomimcry and microfluidics are only some of the capabilities offered, and there may be no end to the possibilities.

Skin Contact

Skin-Friendly Adhesives and Flexible Substrates

We offer a series of biocompatible, skin contact adhesives that have met the three requirements for intact skin contact within the ISO 10993 standard.

Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Flexcon® Omni-Wave™ is a hydrogel-free adhesive technology which can be used in electrodes and sensors. It is AAMI Compliant and passes ISO 10993-10 for sensitization and irritation.