Product Development and Prototyping

We Understand Prototyping is Important


Flexcon’s state-of-the-art Technology and Innovations Center was specifically designed to facilitate collaboration among our scientists from different disciplines – films, adhesives, release liners and coatings. Their daily interactions, along with the most up-to-date tools and equipment, enable the creation of customer-driven solutions.

When you have unique specifications for an application, your technical service representative will work directly with our product engineers and chemists to assess your needs, and then collaborate with you to develop the most appropriate solution. We will conduct in-house testing to ensure that the functional requirements of your end-use application will be met, provide lab samples and produce trial runs. We will even develop custom test methods based on our knowledge of the end-use application. Whatever the critical success factors are for your application, we will help you feel confident that the product will perform as required.