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Working closely with you on your application challenges, we keep an eye toward finding total solutions that will give you a competitive advantage, not just products that meet the spec.

Lab technicians

Lab Testing Our DAP-certified Technical Response Lab will answer your product questions quickly.

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Conference room group

Agency Recognition Take advantage of our lab services to ensure compliance with industry performance standards.

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Compliance letters

Compliance and Content Request Compliance and Content Information for one of our products.

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Lab technicians

Product Development Collaborate with us on a one-of-a-kind solution that will obtain the best business result for you.

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Man holding sample

Samples Conduct fit-for-use testing on standard and custom constructions.

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Customer Service Rep

Troubleshooting Get help with product recommendations, converting challenges, and more.

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Committed to Your Success

Information Technology Team

The IT Support Group is the front-line service group for Information Technology at FLEXcon. Our main goal is to ensure that the many functional units within the company, such as manufacturing, customer service, accounting, etc. can service our customers without interruption.

In early March, we made the decision to transition our customer and technical support staff, along with all other team members who can complete their work from home, to work remotely. This decision, which supports our commitment to keeping our employees safe and well during the pandemic has challenged the IT Support Group in new ways. “It’s not a simple matter of sending people home with laptops,” says Jake Greska, Group Leader, IT Technical Support. “They must be able to access internal software remotely, receive phone calls made to their office phone lines, and more, so that they can provide our customers with the same level of service they had when everyone was working on-site.”

“It has been very satisfying to enable our staff to make a transition that was virtually seamless to our customers, all while adjusting to our own home workspaces”, says Kyle Salce, IT Technician II. Sue Krikorian, Computer Operator II, says, “I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the IT support team during this critical time.”

“The team’s dedication to collaboration and teamwork has been incredible. It has empowered us to achieve an excellent experience for both our internal and external customers,” says Jake, and he adds, “However, we’re really missing the monthly birthday cakes!”

FLEXcon Information Technology Team