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Finishing Capabilities

Count on Your Order Being Formatted to Your Precise Specifications

There’s no “making do” with a choice of standard sizes when you purchase from FLEXcon! We slit, sheet and perform other processes such as rewinding and splicing on slit or master rolls of materials to format them for converting. We’ll finish your materials to suit your unique needs.

Custom Slitting

Whether your need is for wide web rolls for large format graphics, or very narrow rolls for a mounting application, our slitting operation can accommodate you. We can process rolls anywhere from 1/4" to 60" wide, depending on the product and machine capability for the product ordered.

Some products are also available in custom widths at standard lengths without purchasing a full master through the FLEXcon® FLEXchoice™ custom width roll program.

Custom Sheeting

From sheets 8" long to 102" long, we can accommodate you.

Pre-finished Goods

There are a variety of pre-finished goods available in our online store, including wide format, labeling and mounting products in both roll- and sheet-form.

Automated Packaging

Finally, our Automated Packaging Line provides you with precision, speed and cost efficiencies.