New Possibilities in Wearables, Diagnostics, and Labeling Solutions

Superior quality is at the heart of every Flexcon healthcare adhesive product. Flexcon drives the future of healthcare with its cutting-edge medical grade adhesive solutions, including patented Flexcon® Omni-Wave™ components for hydrogel-free electrodes, skin contact adhesives and tapes, and materials for pharmaceutical and medical device labeling.  



Medical grade adhesives developed with patient comfort in mind. Products include medical adhesive tape, flexible over-tapes, wearable device adhesive and double-face films for bonding medical devices to the body, such as glucose monitors, insulin pumps, and wearable cardiac monitors. 

Flexcon® Omni-Wave™ is an electrically conductive adhesive that yields substantial cost savings for medical electrode and device manufacturers, and provides a better overall experience for patients. This disruptive healthcare biosensing technology was developed with patient comfort in mind. It has been awarded more than 100 patents worldwide and is ready to change the medical electrode paradigm.   

Pharmaceutical labeling products processed to precise specifications for drug packaging and pharmaceutical security where the margin for error is zero. Pharmaceutical labeling products include substrates for small diameter tubes, vials, and syringes, as well as large diameter, cryogenic, conceal, and tamper-evident applications. 

Flexcon® MedFlex® medical device labeling products meet FDA standards and label durability that enable you to deliver labels designed specifically for the medical device industry. Products are UL-recognized and immediately adoptable into your UL file, providing you with the label stock and finishes you need to produce a compliant medical label.