Fit-for-Use Testing Made Easy

Samples for Fit-for-Use testing are always free!


We stock production run samples of over 400 of our standard VBS products, available in a variety of formats from hand samples to larger sheets and rolls up to 1,800 feet long, depending on the product. Some specialty items that showcase our capabilities, such as brushed films, special laminates and embossed products, are also available for you to sample. 

If you're working with us on a custom construction, we'll produce lab drawdowns for your assessment prior to running trials to help ensure that your custom product will perform as expected.

We understand that sometimes you need to see, touch, or test a product before purchasing it. Ask your Sales or Customer Service Representative or fill out the form below. Requests received before 3:00 PM EST ship out via FedEx Ground that same day. 

Last year, we shipped over 4,400 no-charge standard samples within 3 days of request, and 96% of those shipped within one day. We also shipped over 710 custom lab samples within 3 days.