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Could I please have that yesterday?

Well, that might be a little tough to pull off, but we can come close. Demands for lightning-fast turnaround have become commonplace. Your customers need your product fast, so you need our product fast. We’re listening. FLEXcon North America has 600+ products ready to ship within two days. 

We are strategically positioned to deliver products quickly to you, with world-class manufacturing, distribution and sales facilities throughout North America and Europe, and sales and distribution spanning Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Learn more about our locations.

We also offer a variety of inventory programs to meet your need for short lead times.

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Inventory Programs

Description  Minimum Order Availability
Quick-Ship Wide web rolls that we finish to your specifications Full web width Ships within 2 business days
Pre-Finished Inventory Quick-Ship products that we've slit or sheeted to the most popular sizes and quantities. Many are available for purchase 24/7 from our e-store. 1-3 rolls or 100-500 sheets (depending on the product) Orders placed by 2 p.m. M-F in the time zone of the shipping location ship the same day:
  • PST (CA & WA)
  • CT (NE)
  • EST (MA)
FLEXchoice™ Quick-Ship products that we will slit to your desired widths. No need to purchase a full master. 10" of the web x 10,000' (1200 MSI) for Prime Label products

Ships within 2 business days
Customer Special Stock Products that we finish to your specifications, hold in the FLEXcon location closest to you and release as you require. Per agreement Ships within 2 business days

Committed to Your Success

Bob Demaio, Shipping/Receiving Coordinator, MA

“Getting the correct products to our customers on time is my #1 priority. They sometimes have time-sensitive situations that require me to work a little magic to make happen. Being responsive and following through to ensure things keep moving as expected is key.

Shipping and Receiving has come a long way in 42 years. There was a time when the only way to find something was to physically go look for it. Now, everything is scanned, and the location is stored electronically. We can see where an order is at any time. The trucking industry has changed dramatically as well, and the dependability of carriers can be hit or miss. Working with LeanCor, we have reporting that gives us the insight we need to utilize the most reliable carriers available.

I get satisfaction out of seeing the stars align for a customer. We recently had an unexpectedly large order to be run in our Nebraska facility. They were short on the amount of adhesive required, so we sent some from Massachusetts. It felt good to be part of the group that pulled together to get it packed up, obtain a carrier and get it out the door so that our customer’s needs would be met.

When I’m not a work, I enjoy pretty much any outdoor activity – bow hunting, golfing, skiing – it’s all good!”

FLEXcon employee Bob Demaio