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If you need roll-to-roll pressure-sensitive adhesive coating, custom coating, brushing, dyeing, embossing, holography, laminating or finishing, you’ve come to the right place. We’re committed to providing you with the very best polymeric solution, whether it’s a film-adhesive-topcoat-liner-combination or some other functional technology, to meet your specific application requirements. Our equipment is optimized for speed, flexibility and scalability – to give you a performance edge and competitive advantage.

Watch this short animation to see how a FLEXcon coater works.

Leverage Our Capabilities for your Next Application

Coater machine in manufacturing

Coating Application of a pressure-sensitive adhesive to film or other material, or of a surface coating for functionalities such as ink receptivity.

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Slitter machine in manufacturing

Finishing Slitting or sheeting to format film products to your specifications for converting.

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Manufacturing worker next to a coater

Contract Coating Production of exclusive custom constructions with customer-supplied films and/or coatings.

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Worker inspecting material in cleanroom facility

Cleanroom Adherence to strict end-use requirements for cleanliness.

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Product in the dyeing process

Brushing & Dyeing Modification of metalized and clear films to impart a brushed texture or translucent color.

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FLEXcon Sharklet material

Microstructures Unique, microscopic texturization of film to achieve specific functionality, such as biomimetic properties.

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Gold embossed box

Embossing Texturization of the film surface to create additional functionality.

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Person standing in front of rack of rolls

Laminating Combining of two or more films to achieve superior properties.

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Holographic material being picked up by a forklift

Holography Specialized processing to achieve optically variable images.

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Depending totally on someone to be in your supply chain requires the highest amount of trust, and I feel more than comfortable in our relationship, which is highly dependent on absolutely consistent results from FLEXcon.

– Brown Abrams, Founder, FiberLok

Surprises are great at birthdays, but not so much in business.

You can feel confident that the products you use repeatedly will be the same from order to order – with no surprises. We are proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a rigorous quality management system. In fact, our return rate for FY17 was less than 0.5%. We utilize state-of-the-art process controls to ensure that products are manufactured to consistently high standards the first time and every time, always meeting industry standards as necessary, including ANSI, ASTM, UL and cUL. We also utilize lean manufacturing processes to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Let's build a custom product together.

Your custom solution is manufactured from a vast selection of films, topcoats, adhesives and liners for your specific application and converting requirements. Building unique products to meet unique needs is the core of what we do for our customers. With the largest selection of products in the industry, and the ability to scale up or down based on your needs, you can count on FLEXcon to help you turn any converting challenge into an opportunity.

Our standard solutions are always available.

We offer one of the widest selections of standard products in the industry – ask about our range of application-proven Value-Better-Supreme (VBS) solutions. Check out our Product Finder.

Manufacturing Capabilities

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Great friends. Good health. Top notch customer service. You need a supplier that helps you solve problems – who will take a collaborative, holistic approach and come up with the best total solution for your business.

Whether your focus is graphic films or engineered films and adhesives, your sales, customer service and technical service representatives will work with you to troubleshoot problems and find answers. At FLEXcon, our goal is to always give you more than you expect. Because we want you to walk away saying, “Wow! That was easy.”