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With so many factors to consider, such as application surface characteristics, possible exposures and print technology, material selection can sometimes be daunting. Proper testing can narrow the choices to help you hone in on just the right construction for your application.


In-house Testing

If UL-recognition is a requirement, in-house testing can be conducted quickly. Being a DAP-certified lab means that UL recognizes Flexcon's test results as their own. This allows you to obtain additional testing quickly on surfaces or with inks that aren’t already included in Flexcon’s UL listing for the product in question, including custom constructions.

Durability Testing

Aging and exposure tests can be conducted on-site to ensure that graphics will still look great after years outdoors.

  • accelerated weathering
  • heat aging
  • humidity aging
  • chemical exposure testing
  • abrasion testing

Surface Testing

Understanding the surface to be adhered to is critical to a successful bond. Adhesion testing on your specific parts can be conducted and a recommendation made based on your application requirements. All that's required are samples of your substrate for testing.