Reliable Solutions for Functional Applications

Materials used in transportation applications are subjected to harsh environments and rigorous conditions. Only high-performance materials with engineered properties will meet the demands of these challenging applications. 


Ensure brand identity is never compromised with durable labeling substrates and mounting adhesives formulated to withstand the harshest of conditions. Get top-of-the-line label print quality as well as reliable cross-platform printability, from traditional methods like flexo, screen and thermal transfer to newer digital technologies like narrow-format UV inkjet. Flexcon durable label substrates provide a critical combination of durability, aesthetic appeal, and efficiency for brand identification.  

Safeguard against injuries and minimize liability by producing labels that remain attached and legible for the life of the product. Choose from UL-recognized label substrates in a variety of colors and finishes that have been subjected to rigorous testing in our own DAP-certified lab to ensure label integrity and adhesion. 

Meet regulatory labeling requirements regarding product model numbers and specifications, and ensure traceability through the supply chain with products designed for serialization and barcoding.  

Destructible and partially destructible films, available in a variety of forms and colors, leave evidence of tampering should removal of the label be attempted. Specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesives are designed to bond well to a variety of surfaces, while versatile topcoats ensure excellent printability. 

Wire harness labels provide important traceability information certifying that the wire harness has been manufactured in accordance with appropriate government or certification laboratory standards. 

Pressure-sensitive films for decals and graphic kits must be able to endure a variety of tough environmental conditions - UV rays, moisture, temperature extremes, and abrasion. Specially-formulated pressure-sensitive adhesives are designed to bond well to fiberglass, painted metal and stainless steel surfaces while being cleanly removable for up to one year.

A high-performance adhesive can be the ideal alternative to mechanical fasteners. Engineered adhesives function in extreme environments, securing to challenging surfaces, and providing additional functionality such as vibration damping and viscoelasticity. While certain applications may require a simple transfer adhesive, more complex applications, where dissimilar surfaces warrant different adhesives, will require a double-sided product to adhere the two surfaces together. High-performance adhesives are available in a variety of configurations, including foams, tapes and single- or double-sided mounting films.

Flexcon Polyimide films and aerogels, embossed materials, multi-laminate stacks, foams and other films offer insulating properties while being lightweight and pliable.

Durable adhesives can be utilized to minimize vibration and sound by creating a cushion between parts. Choose from a variety of acrylic, rubber and silicone options that can withstand the stresses of operation.

Durable adhesives are commonly used in gasketing and sealing applications to bond gaskets inside motors or perform sealing functions. Whether an application requires a foam with an adhesive on two sides or a transfer adhesive, there are a variety of products to choose from. 

Barrier films and adhesives are designed to sense or prevent the transfer of gases or moisture that could damage critical components or compromise functionality of the product.