Cleanroom Capabilities

ISO Class 7 certified cleanroom facilities. Adherence to strict end-use requirements for cleanliness.


Flexcon's state-of-the-art clean room lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide clients with a controlled environment that meets stringent cleanliness standards, ensuring the highest level of precision in scientific and manufacturing processes.


Certified Facilities

Our ISO Class 7 certified cleanroom facilities feature the following:

  • coating (one or two sided)
  • drying (thermal and UV)
  • laminating capabilities
  • a number of surface conditioning options

Controlling Critical Conditions

We have a self-contained feed system for coatings, with an ultra high-level filtration down to 0.2 microns. The coater utilizes an air floatation dryer which reduces the likelihood of scratches in the substrate and improves drying efficiency. In addition to minimizing dirt, dust and debris, the cleanroom environment allows us to control all critical conditions, removing such variables as seasonable temperature and humidity changes, all of which can have a significant impact on chemical reactions and polymer surface formation.

Short Run Trials & Prototyping

You can utilize the facility for short-run trials, especially for products that must meet extremely high standards. We can offer initial prototyping capabilities for products as narrow as 12 inches in width and scale up to production capacity at wider widths. This can be ideal for processes with high-cost raw materials.

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Coating Application Techniques

Multiple coating application techniques can be utilized to best match target deposition and coating rheology requirements. We can use solvent-based, water-based, or 100 percent solid coatings, which can be cured via either thermal or UV curing methods.