Surface Modification

Processes to Create Additional Functionality


Films can be texturized to create additional functionality, ranging from visual aesthetics such as prismatic or iridescent to microscopic functionality for purposes of micro-fluidic or biomimetic properties. 


Surface Modification - Think of the Possibilities

We can marry your existing technology with our equipment to create the modification you desire, and then pair it with an adhesive and liner, if appropriate, to create a full product construction. Talk to us. 


Modification of metalized films to impart a brushed texture

From stainless steel to silk, a unique surface texture can be imparted onto films.

Visual aesthetics: Get the look of brushed metal with a metalized film. Available colors are:

  • silver
  • gold
  • stainless steel
  • platinum
  • copper

Durability: The rougher surface of a brushed film aids durability.


Unique, microscopic texturization of film to achieve specific functionality, such as biomimetic properties

Whether you’ve already created a microstructure pattern, or you only have a concept for one, Flexcon is ready to help you reach the next step in development. From biomimetic to microfluidic patterns, your brainchild is just a step away from becoming reality.


Specialized processing to achieve optically variable images

Films go through a specialized process to achieve optically variable images. Flexcon's micro-embossing capabilities include 2D, 2D/3D and 3D kinetic with distinctive graphic patterns that may be geometric, prismatic, and/or iridescent.

Custom patterns available

Custom patterns can be created for security labeling to help identify knock-offs, or to achieve desired aesthetics on labels, P-O-P displays, and more. A pattern that contains an image, such as a logo, can even be created.

Think of the possibilities!