Stop counterfeiters in their tracks.

Ensure brand security with Flexcon® TamperMark™
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Flexcon® TamperMark™ destructible and tamper-evident label products make it more difficult for would-be counterfeiters by ensuring evidence of their efforts is left behind.

TamperMark™ White Destruct

TamperMark™ White Destruct is virtually impossible to get off in one piece and is difficult to remove completely. Evidence of tampering is readily apparent, and the label cannot be reused, such as transferring it from a luxury item to a cheap knock-off. Available in white. 

TamperMark™ Void and Checkerboard

TamperMark™ Void and Checkerboard products can be removed but leave behind an unmistakable pattern on both the film and the surface. These products are ideal for regulatory decals, as well as sealing items such as boxes for automotive parts. Once removed, anyone can tell that the box has been opened or removal has been attempted. Available in white and silver.