The Next Generation of Durable Labels

High-performing robust materials backed by years of experience and proven performance in the market
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The Next Generation of Durable Labels

Our Flexcon® NexGen™ product line utilizes the latest and greatest components for reliable performance in durable labeling applications. 

Get unique advantages over some earlier generation products. See which Flexcon products have a “next generation” replacement.

The 30 products in the portfolio consist of polyesters, polypropylenes and vinyls and offer versatility to meet a full range of applications.

Cross-platform printability

This line features Flexcon’s two most dependable topcoats – matte MTC-722 and gloss TC-716 – which are compatible with various print platforms including thermal transfer, narrow-format digital, and conventional methods.

Reliable Adhesion

Products are paired with three adhesive systems that bond to the most challenging surfaces: L-344, L-606, and/or L-778.

UL/cUL and CSA ready portfolios

Save time and money with pre-approved products. Flexcon has the most extensive UL listing in the industry as well as the UL expertise to guide you.

Global availability - ready to ship

Products are in Quick-Ship inventory (US, Europe, and Hong Kong).