Flame-Retardant Adhesive Tapes for the Transportation Industry

Flexcon® L-59FR Series with expanded flammability testing
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Flame-Retardant Adhesive Tapes for the Transportation Industry

FlexMark® L-59FR coated films and FlexMount® L-59FR transfer tapes

UL-recognized Flexcon® FlexMount® L-59FR and Flexcon® FlexMark® L-59FR portfolios feature self-extinguishing coated tapes and coated films for a variety of mounting & bonding applications.

L-59FR Benefits

  • Excellent Adhesion — high-performance adhesion to a wide range of surfaces within aircrafts and motor vehicles
  • Non-Halogenated – free from compounds such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine, which may emit toxic fumes when burned
  • Two Adhesive Thicknesses – suitable for smooth or rough textured surfaces
  • Self-Extinguishing – meets UL 94 standards1

Flammability Performance


FlexMark® and FlexMount® L-59FR products coated at 2.0 mil to 4.0 mil adhesive thickness are rated UL 94 V-0 when coated on 2.0 mil polyimide and 2.0 mil aluminum foil.*

Meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 

FlexMark® L-59FR products (2.0 mil polyimide & 2.0 mil foil) at a 2.0 mil adhesive thickness meet industry flame retardancy specifications put forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (FMVSS 302).

FlexMark® L-59FR Coated Films

FlexMount® L-59FR Transfer Tapes

Quick-Ship Availability

  • FlexMount® L-59FR 068345 (FlexMount® TT 200 V-59FR 84 LA PFT) - 54” master log rolls
  • FlexMount® L-59FR 068231 (FlexMount® TT 200 V-59FR 55 LA K) - 60” master log rolls