Microstructures for Biomimicry and More


Whether you’ve already created a microstructure pattern, or you only have a concept for one, we’re ready to help you reach the next step in development. From biomimetic to microfluidic patterns, your brainchild is just a step away from becoming reality.

Talk to us. We can marry your existing technology with our equipment to create the microstructure you desire, and then pair it with an adhesive and liner, if appropriate, to create a full product construction.

Whether the pattern is biomimetic or 100% artificial, we’d like to help you achieve the full potential of your ideas. If your pattern is still incubating, we can help you develop and test it. And if you already have one that you need replicated and turned into a functional construction, you can take advantage of our product development and manufacturing capabilities to bring your project to the next stage.


Creativity Without Boundaries

There is an infinite number of textures in the world that serve a myriad of functions, from repelling water to enhancing vision to managing light. Therefore, the possibilities for how microstructures can be useful in making our surroundings more comfortable, useful, safe, convenient is also limitless. 

Optical Applications

Anti-glare. Functional microstructures can have anti-reflective properties which may be used to reduce glare on computer monitors, televisions, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Light-diffusing. Functional microstructures may be used in ceiling light fixtures in office or retail environments to reduce the effects of harsh lighting.

Light-directing. Using a specially designed microstructure in conjunction with a solar panel may help redirect low angle light, which can enhance the overall performance of the module. The result is an increase in energy output of the photovoltaic cell.

Branding Applications

Graphics on floors and carpets must meet strict non-slip standards to avoid liability. A textured overlaminating film can provide this function as well as enhance image quality 


Functional microstructures can be designed to reduce drag on objects such as aircraft wings and wind turbines. When placed on the surface of a wing, they can allow better air flow when traveling at a high rate of speed through the atmosphere. This can help reduce fuel costs, saving money and reducing the impact on the environment.

Automotive Applications

Micro-structured materials can provide texture, dimension, and tactile attributes. For example, our Flexcon® FlexTred™ pattern provides a decorative finish for automotive door sills. There are many more surface textures waiting to be explored.

Medical Applications

Microstructures can be applied to create microfluidic devices which can separate the components of blood and other bodily fluids for diagnostic purposes. Microfluidic devices have several advantages over traditional lab diagnostics because the lead time and sample sizes are reduced, providing for faster results and better patient care.

For example, a shark skin pattern was designed to resist bacterial growth, similar to the pattern of a shark’s skin. It can be used on touch screens, medical equipment, athletic equipment, countertops and more.

Architectural Applications

Bird Protection. Many new buildings are designed and constructed with large glass windows. While the windows let in a lot of natural light, they can pose a threat to birds. Most birds can see wavelengths of light into the ultraviolet spectrum, while humans cannot. Specially designed microstructures are available that can be incorporated into glass to reflect ultraviolet light, allowing a window that is transparent to humans to be visible to flying birds.