Flexcon® ReflectaMark® offers visibility and scannability from greater distance

Reflective long range barcode and durable labeling
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Flexcon® ReflectaMark®

Excellent Scannability

This overall 4 mil glass bead polyester film is scannable from a greater distance than other reflective products (up to 80 ft.), making it ideal for long range barcode scanning in warehouse applications. It is also more highly reflective with a typical reflectivity rating of 90 (vs. 35 for a standard promotional grade product). Additional colors available, including PMS color match. 

Also available from Flexcon:

ReflectaMark® WEGS - Engineering grade 2 mil acrylic film with 2 mil reflective glass bead coating

Versatile Printability

ReflectaMark® PM 400 White Reflective V-344 is inherently thermal transfer printable and print qualified with multiple thermal transfer ribbons. It is also printable via UV & solvent flexo, and UV & solvent screen, and can be topcoated for additional technologies including laser printing. Topcoating does not affect reflectivity.

Two years outdoor durability

Outdoor durability means that ReflectaMark® PM 400 White is suitable for safety/visibility applications in the durable goods, industrial and transportation markets as well.

Other Features

These products use V-344, a high-performance, aggressive, permanent acrylic adhesive which provides a permanent bond to a wide range of surfaces. It’s backed with either a 90 lb. two-side polycoated layflat release liner or a 50 lb. kraft release liner.