V-01 Adhesive for Primary Labeling

Optimize Production and Ensure Excellent Performance
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Flexcon Products with the V-01 Adhesive are your Go-To Substrates for Primary and Secondary Labeling. V-01 adhesive is available on a variety of clear, white, and silver polypropylenes. This includes product lines such as Flexcon® OptiFlex®.

Ensure Excellent Performance

V-01 adheres well to a wide range of container types, including low-surface energy plastic, glass and aluminum. The V-01 adhesive provides excellent resistance to water, humidity, and product contents, preventing edge lift and water whitening of the label. It is also qualified to a minimum application temperature of 35°F (2°C) on our 2-mil clear OptiFlex® products.

Reduce Down Time Due to Adhesive Buildup

Adhesive buildup on equipment is commonly caused by the adhesive oozing out of the edges of the material during production. This can slow or even halt production, resulting in downtime due to waste clean-up. Label substrates with V-01 adhesive are much less susceptible to ooze which means that your presses can keep running due to the enhanced product performance.

Improve Production Speeds

No adhesive ooze means no clean-up. So in addition to reducing down time, substrates with V-01 can also increase production speeds, giving you a 1-2 punch for your bottom line.

Reduce Waste

V-01 provides open time for clean removability of misapplied labels. This feature results in less waste since the container can be salvaged and re-labeled.