Flexcon and Dawako Medtech to Bring New Wearable Bioimaging Systems to Market

New Systems Will Acquire Ultrasonic Imaging and Bio-signals Simultaneously.

Spencer, Mass. – November 2, 2023 - Flexcon Global, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, and Dawako Medtech, a medical device company with a vision to revolutionize healthcare by advancing the field of Wearable Bioimaging, have come together to bring the WBS Patch and WBS-US patch to market. The patches will be able to simultaneously acquire ultrasonic imaging and bio-signals.

The flexible adhesive in the devices will function as a disposable electrode-array which can be used during musculoskeletal movement to provide information about the functionality, quality, and quantity of the muscle. These measurements, together with PIIXMED™, Dawako Medtech’s AI-powered Platform, will be of foremost importance in aiding the diagnosis of sarcopenia, clinical nutrition monitoring or physiological performance in sports medicine. They will also be applicable in oncology, helping in the diagnosis of thyroid cancer.

Dawako Medtech had learned of Flexcon® Omni-Wave™ and thought it might be the ideal flexible biosensing material to achieve optimum effectiveness of their WBS patch. The collaboration between Dawako Medtech and Flexcon has allowed a multidisciplinary work of integration of different advanced flexible materials, including Flexcon® Omni-Wave™ and Flexcon® DermaFlex™, together with different printing technologies, to be able to configure the structure of Dawako’s medical-grade adhesive patches in a simple and scalable way.

“The patches empower healthcare professionals with accessible patient-centered solutions that provide real-time, non-invasive, and continuous monitoring, thereby enhancing diagnostic accuracy, improving patient outcomes,” says Sara Nozal, Product Manager, Dawako Medtech. “Our first patch-format device, the WBS, focused on physiological performance, will allow sports professionals to obtain more reliable information for assessing biomechanical, metabolic and neuromuscular activity, suggesting the mechanisms of muscle fatigue or injury, in real conditions of use, from a wireless, conformal and lightweight Wearable Biosignals Sensing System".

Dawako Medtech anticipates the formal launch of WBS patches to take place in early 2024. Meanwhile, samples can be viewed at the Medica Trade Fair in Flexcon’s Innovation Station - Hall 9 Stand B55 and at the Wearables Technology Pavilion - Hall 12 Stand D33.

“We’re very excited to be instrumental in bringing this breakthrough technology to market,” says Chris Schaank, Sr. Business Development Specialist, Flexcon. “Innovative projects like these drive us to think outside the box, and I look forward to working with Dawako Medtech on the next phase of their product development.”

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About Dawako Medtech

The company’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals with accessible artificial intelligence powered ultrasound imaging and biosignals systems, that provide precise and timely insights into patient health, ensuring early intervention, personalized care, and transforming the way healthcare is delivered.

Headquartered in Valencia (Spain), Dawako Medtech combines an exceptional team backed by an enviable record of accomplishment creating novel proprietary Wearable Bioimaging Systems. For more information, visit

About Flexcon

Flexcon Company, Inc. is a global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesives used as functional components in manufactured goods and in graphics applications. A family-owned company for over 65 years, Flexcon serves as a development partner to engineers and designers to bring their innovative ideas from concept to reality, for markets such as transportation, electronics, industrial, healthcare, and construction & energy, with a focus on improving human lives through emerging technology. Headquartered in Spencer, MA, the company has operations throughout North America and Europe with distribution worldwide. For more information, visit, follow Flexcon on LinkedIn, or call +1-508-885-8200.  

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