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Bio-Signal Sensing, Hydrogel-Free Technology for Electrodes and Wearable Devices

No Hydrogel-Associated Skin Reactions

  • A revolutionary dry biomedical electrode technology developed with patient comfort in mind 
  • Utilizes a skin-friendly, medical grade conductive adhesive that requires no hydrogel or Ag/AgCl to get a signal, offering a hydrogel-free patient experience.

Improved Performance Over Hydrogel-Based Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

  • Independent clinical studies show performance equivalent to hydrogel-based electrodes 
  • Humidity will not impact function.
  • Components are suitable for both diagnostic and therapeutic devices. They can be incorporated into sEMG devices and can distinguish between sympathetic and parasympathetic responses for EDA applications.

Reduced Waste and Lower Cost

  • Two year out-of-pack shelf life - no need to throw away unused electrodes 
  • No expensive barrier packaging required

Approved component in customer 510(k) and CE marked finished good medical devices
  • Passes AAMI and ISO 10993-10 for sensitization and irritation 
  • Approved by the FDA for use in electrodes and wearables

Fully Commercialized and Ready to Ship!

  • Sold in roll form to be converted into finished electrodes 
  • Ready to be licensed to OEMs for incorporation into their finished devices  
  • Samples and specialist consultation available for device manufacturers and converters

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