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Bio-Signal Sensing, Hydrogel-Free Electrode Technology

The OMNI-WAVE™ components utilize a revolutionary biomedical electrode technology developed with patient comfort in mind. The technology uses a skin-friendly, medical grade adhesive that requires no hydrogel or Ag/AgCl to get a signal. Independent clinical studies have shown that the performance is as good as hydrogel-based electrodes. The OMNI-WAVE™ components are also suitable for incorporation into sEMG devices and can distinguish between sympathetic and parasympathetic responses for EDA applications.

The OMNI-WAVE™ components can be sold in roll form to be converted into finished electrodes. The technology is also ready to be licensed to OEMs for incorporation into their finished devices. OMNI-WAVE™ component samples are currently available for evaluation by finished device manufacturers.

Infant wearing electrodes