Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Flexcon® OptiFlex® Thin EcoFocus®

Downgauged Films Enabling Recyclability of Rigid HDPE and PET Containers
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These downgauged versions of our OptiFlex® EcoFocus® products offer comparable performance while furthering sustainability goals.

  • 1.6 mil BOPP films; 2.2 mil PE films; TRACrite 92 release liner made from up to 60% post-industrial recycled content.
  • V-52RE wash-off adhesive adheres well to PET containers and removes cleanly during the PET reclaim process.
  • V-127RE adhesive adheres well to HDPE containers and is compatible with the HDPE reclaim process.

Fewer Changeovers and Reduced Shipping Costs

More labels per roll. Less weight per foot to save on shipping.

Reduced SKUs with Cross Platform Printability

Polyethylene films are printable via flexography, rotary letterpress, rotary screen*, narrow-format UV inkjet, and HP Indigo**.

Polypropylene films are printable via UV, solvent & water flexo, narrow-format UV inkjet, roll-form dry toner, UV rotary screen, UV letterpress, hot stamping and HP Indigo**.

*in-line corona treatment recommended
**primed in-line

Optimum Label Performance

PE films offer superior conformability to prevent darting during consumer use.

Films are resistant to humid environments.

Superior On-Press Performance and Dispensability

No adhesive buildup on equipment and open time for label misplacements at dispensing

Liner designed for tight-registration graphics and high-speed dispensing

Critical Guidance Protocol

Flexcon's undecorated OptiFlex® Thin EcoFocus® clear, white and silver topcoated polypropylene pressure-sensitive labels, all with V-52RE adhesive, meet or exceed APR Critical Guidance Protocol for Clear PET Articles with Labels and Closures.

Flexcon’s undecorated OptiFlex® Thin EcoFocus® clear and white polyethylene pressure-sensitive labels with V-127RE adhesive for HDPE bottles meet or exceed APR’s HDPE-CG-01, Critical Guidance Protocol for HDPE Colored or Natural Bottles with Resin Additives, Barriers, Layers or Closures.