Help customers achieve sustainability goals with Flexcon® OptiFlex® EcoFocus® materials designed for HDPE containers

Eco-Friendly for Recyclability of HDPE Containers
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Help Customers Meet Their Sustainability Goals

Conformability and Sustainability for Primary Labeling

White and clear conformable polyethylene (PE) films with V-127RE adhesive ensure excellent performance and recyclability of HDPE containers – ideal for food and beverage, health and beauty, and household chemical labeling applications. According to McKinsey & Company, consumers want plastic packaging to be recyclable or to include higher levels of recycled content.

What is EcoFocus®?

EcoFocus® is Flexcon’s seal of approval for use with all products designed with an added element of sustainability, such as enabling container recycling or compostability, the manufacture of materials from recycled content, or containing sustainably sourced materials.


Using a PE film on an HDPE container means you are pairing like polymer materials - a benefit over using BOPP materials that ensures label performance while helping brands and CPG companies meet consumers’ growing need to create less waste.

Recycled Content

Flexcon® TracRite™ 120 polyester release liner contains up to 60% Post Industrial Recycled content.

Avoid Darting of Labels with Conformable Materials

PE films offer superior conformability to competitive BOPP products by moving with full- and semi-squeeze containers to prevent darting during consumer use.

Enjoy Ease of Printability and Excellent Performance

Cross-Platform Printability

Print-receptive PE films offer cross-platform printability and ensure printed graphics will endure. Printable via flexography, rotary letterpress, rotary screen (in-line corona treatment recommended), narrow-format UV Inkjet, and HP Indigo (primed in-line). 

Excellent Adhesion

V-127RE adhesive offers excellent adhesion to HDPE containers.

Available When and How You Need It

Products available through our FlexChoice™ custom width program.