First-to-the-industry robust "greener" vinyl alternative for durable labeling

Flexcon Nexgen polypropylenes offer five-year outdoor durability
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Equivalent performance to vinyl at a comparable price

Get the durability required in a non-vinyl alternative.

  • Dimensional stability and 5-year outdoor durability
  • UL/cUL/CSA-recognized
  • Comparable performance to vinyl

Delta E Color Change - White PP vs White PVC

We performed weathering studies comparing Flexcon® NexGen™ PP films to our flexible white and frosty clear vinyls and revealed no significant performance difference between the two film types. We assessed total color change (Delta E) and physical degradation in the films over prolonged exposure. Flexcon® NexGen™ had comparable performance to control PVCs for each color (Note: a Delta E value below 2 is not observable to the human eye and, therefore, would be considered a successful test result).