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FLEXcon® optiFLEX® RESEAL™ Adhesives Offer FDA Direct & Indirect Food Contact Compliance

Resealable Films for the Dry Goods, Food or Personal Care Markets

Check out our new optiFLEX® RESEAL products in clear and white.  These six products provide solutions for your resealable closure applications, combining our adhesive technology with our topcoated BOPP films which are compatible with most conventional print methods.

So, when you’re in need of a resealable film for the dry goods, food or personal care markets, FLEXcon® has a product that will fit your needs!

FDA Indirect Food Contact Compliance* Options: 

  • FLEXcon® optiFLEX® RESEAL 20091 and 21091 incorporates a “greener” general purpose resealable adhesive
  • FLEXcon® optiFLEX® RESEAL 20133 and 21133 offer a high-performance adhesive

FDA Direct Food Contact Compliance** Options:

*21 CFR 175.105
**21 CFR 175.125 

Reseal package of wipes

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