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Maximize Recyclability of PET Containers with Eco-Friendly Label Materials

Introducing optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS® with Wash-off Adhesive

Sustainability AND Performance for Primary Labeling and Sustainable Packaging

White, clear, and silver BOPP films with one of our most popular printable topcoats combined with our new V-52RE wash-off adhesive for PET recyclability. Designed for sustainable packaging applications such as food and beverage, health and beauty, and household chemical labeling.

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Meet Customer Demands for More Sustainable Packaging Options

Recyclability IconRecyclability

V-52RE adhesive separates from the PET flake during the recycling process, allowing for the collection of rPET.

Recycled Content IconRecycled Content

TRACrite™ 120 polyester release liner contains up to 60% Post Industrial Recycled content.

With the Ease of Printability and Performance You’ve Come to Expect

Excellent Print Quality IconExcellent Print Quality
Polypropylene films with a robust topcoat ensure the printed graphics last the life of the product. Printable via UV rotary screen; UV screen; UV, solvent, and water flexo; narrow format UV inkjet; UV letterpress, and hot stamping, and dry toner* (roll form).

*clear and white only

Excellent adhesion iconExcellent Adhesion
V-52RE adhesive has excellent adhesion to PET containers. Minimum application temperature of 20ºF/-6.6ºC.

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White and Clear also available through our FLEXchoice™ custom width program.

Awarded Critical Guidance Recognition

FLEXcon's undecorated optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS® PP 200 H Clear, optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS® PP 230 H White and optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS® MPP 200 H Silver topcoated pressure-sensitive labels, all with V-52RE adhesive, meet or exceed APR Critical Guidance Protocol for Clear PET Articles with Labels and Closures.

ecoFOCUS Logo TradeMarkWhat is ecoFOCUS®?

ecoFOCUS® is FLEXcon’s seal of approval for use with all products designed with an added element of sustainability, such as enabling container recycling or compostability, the manufacture of materials from recycled content, or containing sustainably sourced materials.

Help your clients achieve their sustainability goals with optiFLEX® ecoFOCUS®.

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