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FLEXcon® SA Series - For When Things Get Hot!

High-Temperature Bonding & Labeling

Silicone-based adhesives are appropriate for a multitude of applications. Many can tolerate sustained temperature extremes from -300°F to 500°F. Some can even go as high as 800°F to 1000°F for limited periods. Available as single- and double-coated tapes, transfer adhesives, and as full label constructions, there is a SA Series adhesive that’s right for the job.
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Siliconized Surface Labeling 

Although acrylic adhesives are the go-to for most durable labeling applications, silicone adhesives perform better when adhering to silicone-based composites.

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High-Temp Masking

Some manufacturing processes are hot. Silicone-based masking products can handle high heat while protecting delicate components during assembly.

Screen Protection

Single-sided silicone tapes make excellent low-tack protection films for electronic screens. FLEXcon® SA1000 Series products offer superior adhesion and wet out for ultra clear application to smooth surfaces, while providing consistent, clean, and quiet removability.

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High-tack silicone adhesives bond quickly to silicone foam & rubber as well as low surface energy plastics, making them an ideal choice for component assembly.

Sound & Vibration Damping

Silicone adhesives provide a viscoelastic layer for sound and vibration damping in brake pads, hard drives and motor mounts that can see temperatures as high as 800°F to 1000°F.

sound and vibration damping

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