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Foam and Film Spacer Solutions for RFID Market

Metal Mount RFID Tags

FLEXcon 2-side coated foam tapes help resolve signal challenges when mounting RFID antennas directly to metal surfaces. Having the right foam tape gap between the antenna and metal surface is key to preventing signal loss, improving the read range and helping to bounce the signal.
RFID antenna
Foam Spacers
  • Foam RFID tags allow for optimal distance needed to work properly when adhered to metal
  • White 1/32” foam 2-side rubber base adhesive foam has excellent tack for quick peel and stick applications
  • Black 1/32” foam with 2-side acrylic adhesive is an excellent choice for low surface energy plastics and outdoor applications where UV resistance is needed
  • Black 1/32” foam with V-778 acrylic adhesive offers high performance adhesion on low surface energy substrates

Transfer Adhesives

  • FLEXcon’s V-344 solvent acrylic transfer adhesive is ideal for general bonding solutions
  • FLEXcon’s solvent acrylic V-778 adhesive offers an excellent bond to different substrates, like low surface energy plastics

Film Spacers

  • Film spacers can endure higher and lower temperature ranges and can have a higher chemical resistance
  • Film spacers have a higher adhesion bond than foams, and remove cleanly
  • Film carriers come in a wide variety of compositions and thicknesses to fit your needs
  • Commercially stocked 2-side PSA tape offerings are available with removable and permanent adhesive options

RFID Layers


FLX # Description Class  Master Roll Width Color  Shipping Location
 050767  FLEXcon® FLEXmount® DFPEF 32 Black V-778 200 POLY C2S (1.9-2.1)
Supreme 58   Black Spencer 


FLX # Description Class  Master Roll Width Color  Shipping Location
000546 FLEXcon® SELECT™ DF051521 Clear 0.5 mil Poly Permanent/Permanent Adhesive/Double Faced Liner
Clear Spencer

SWITCHmark® (1 - 10 mil) 2-Side PSA Films

For SWITCHmark® inquiries in the United States and Canada, please contact Insulectro Distribution at (603) 629-4412. For other inquiries, please contact your FLEXcon Sales Representative or call FLEXcon at (508) 885-8296. 
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FLX # Description Class  Master Roll Width Color  Shipping Location
000487 FLEXmount® TT 200 L-344 60 LA PFW
Value 60 - Spencer
FLEXmount® TT 200 L-778 60 LA PFW
Custom 60


FLX # Description Class  Master Roll Width Color  Shipping Location
066615 FLEXmark® PM 500 Clear TC-400 No PS Custom 54 Clear Spencer
030168 FLEXmark® OM 200 Clear PTP No PS
Custom 54 Clear Spencer

For more information on FLEXcon’s RFID spacer foam and film application solutions, contact your local Sales Representative or the Performance Products Business Team at 508-885-8440.