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Black Opaque Mounting Adhesive Provides Cost Savings

FLEXcon® FLEXmount® V-606BK is Ideal Alternative for Double-Coated Products

Need a cost-effective alternative to opaque backing films and flood coats of ink? We have the solution! FLEXmount® V-606BK is a black permanent mounting adhesive which acts as a layer of opacity and blocks light, replacing double-coated products with an opaque carrier film. This is ideal for both laminating and fabricating converters, as well as membrane switch and LED manufacturers. 

Features & Benefits:

  • V-606BK bonds well to metal, powder coated paint and low-and high-surface energy plastics
  • Product is ideal for rough, uneven and textured surface applications
  • Adhesive performs within a wide service temperature range of -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 150°C)

FLEXmount V-606BK is available in five standard product constructions, which have been tested and qualified for a range of applications. Custom transfer tape and single- and double-coated constructions are available with a multitude of release liners to comply with different converting, assembly and end-use requirements. 

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FLEXmount® V-606BK