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New Bio-Signal Sensing, Hydrogel-Free Electrode Technology

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Introducing OMNI-WAVE™ by FLEXcon - a cutting-edge technology 

Greater Patient Comfort. Reliable Conductive and Capacitive Signals.
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OMNI-WAVE by FLEXcon is a revolutionary biomedical electrode technology that uses no hydrogel, avoiding its drawbacks, such as skin irritation and short shelf life.

This patented technology combines capacitive with conductive biomedical signal sensing.

OMNI-WAVE is also suitable for sEMG and can distinguish between sympathetic and parasympathetic responses for EDA applications.

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Less Chance of Skin Irritation

  • Hydrogel and latex free
  • 100% adhesive coverage enables adhesion with low aggression to skin
  • Passes ISO 10993
  • Low-trauma removability

Comparable Adhesion and Performance to Hydrogel for EKG (ECG) Applications

  • Reliable signal
  • Equivalent signal acquisition time
  • Easy application
  • Repositionable
  • Snap will give before adhesive if lead is tugged inadvertently
  • Suitable for tab electrode configurations

Longer Shelf Life than Hydrogel Electrodes

  • OMNI-WAVE™ electrodes are not moisture-dependent, extending out-of-pack life to 6 months and in-pack life to up to 2 years, suitable for bulk-packaging
  • Wider range of storage conditions than hydrogel electrodes (-20°C/0°F – +40°C/+105°F)


  • Adhesive has the potential to be customized for varying application requirements or skin types
  • Non-adhesive option available for use with compression garments
Omn-Wave Technical Data table

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