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Pharmaceutical Label Substrates

Make the Right Call Every Time for Pharmaceutical Labeling

Every time you make a label substrate recommendation for a pharmaceutical application, your reputation is on the line, so you know how important it is to make the right call. A mistake can be costly in terms of productivity and revenue, not to mention the relationship with your customer. They trust you to choose the best substrate for the money, so it’s vital that you can trust your supplier to consistently provide the high-quality product you expect and require.

Enjoy Peace-of-Mind Knowing That Expertise is Close By

We’re here to help. Should you have questions or need assistance with a specific challenge, our knowledgeable technical staff is just a phone call away at (508) 885-8300.

Sleep Soundly

Do you lie awake at night worrying about issues that could arise on the line due to possible quality issues in your label materials? Rest assured that we will process your order to your precise specifications every time, so you can have faith that your quality standards will always be met.

Make Product Decisions in a Snap

For your convenience, we have put together a pharmaceutical product matrix which gives you a comprehensive view of our standard product offering and approved uses. The matrix includes key information including minimum application temperature, approved sterilization methods for glass vials and HDPE syringes, peel data, print compatibility, and security features.

Product Specifications

  • A Variety of Options to Meet Varying Requirements: FLEXcon offers products for labeling tubes, vials and syringes, including those used for cryogenic specimen storage. Our products are compatible with a variety of print methods and are suitable for small diameter glass and polyethylene containers without flagging or smudging during sterilization or use.
  • Wider Range of Sterilization Methods: We have broadened approvals for sterilization to include autoclave, ethylene oxide, electron beam and gamma sterilization methods.
  • Real Life Minimum Application Temperature:Applications often require an application temperature of 35°F (2°C), so we’ve confirmed that our substrates will perform at this temperature.
  • Quick Turnaround:Most of our pharmaceutical labeling products are available in Quick-Ship for fast delivery so that you can meet the strictest timelines while staying competitive.

Visit our Compliance and Content page to learn more and request Safety Data Sheets.