Pharmaceutical Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Solutions

PharmCal® Product Families Ideal for a Variety of End-Use Applications
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Pharmaceutical Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Solutions

Product selection is easy with six product families to choose from based on your end-use application. Expand your portfolio with products that have been processed to precise specifications to convert easily and perform under the harshest drug manufacturing, storage, and transit conditions.

Pharmaceutical Labels

Offerings include substrates for small diameter ampules, vials, and syringes, as well as large diameter, cryogenic, conceal, tamper-evident, and blood bag labeling applications.

  • Avoid flagging and lifting with appropriate conformability and adhesion for container diameter
  • Reduce SKUs and enjoy cross-platform printability with reliable topcoats
  • Ensure long-term readability with chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Expect durable anchorage with adhesives engineered for the most challenging applications
  • Experience worry-free high-speed dispensing with dimensionally stable films and optimized liners

Stringent Requirements

Tight controls on quality and performance with raw material specifications and annual supplier audits

Advanced Notification

Material suppliers communicate changes to raw components in advance

Thorough Review

Supplier changes reviewed by R&D, Quality, and Manufacturing teams

Customized Test Plans

Test plans in place to ensure consistent product performance