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FLEXcon® dermaFLEX™ NNRU - Nylon Reinforced Polyurethane with Biocompatible Skin Contact Adhesive

Flexible electronics are moving into a new realm. They are enabling the development of medical monitoring devices that can be worn directly on the skin rather than being strapped on. 

Comfortable for Patients

The challenge? Finding a substrate that’s thin enough to be lightweight, flexible enough to move with the body without pulling, and permeable enough to allow the skin to breathe – all while staying adhered for the prescribed period of time without causing irritation.

  • NNRU disappears on the body in both sight and feel.
  • It’s thin and flexible enough to conform to body contours and stretch with movement, but also return to its original dimensions rather than getting baggy.
  • The H-566 acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive has been tested for biocompatibility (skin irritation, sensitization, and cytotoxicity) by FLEXcon’s adhesive suppliers using ISO-10993 or similar test methods.
  • The high-tack adhesive provides excellent long-term adhesion to human skin.
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Rigid Enough for Converting

The challenge for converters is that the films that meet comfort requirements are flimsy, making them very difficult to process because they tend to fold back on themselves like plastic wrap, even when coated with adhesive.

  • NNRU is a .001” clear nylon reinforced polyurethane film.
  • It’s much easier to convert than your typical 1 mil PU film because the nylon reinforcement provides enhanced dimensional stability.
  • It’s compatible with EtO and gamma sterilization procedures.
  • The 50 lb. kraft release liner offers a good diecutting base.


We can change the dermaFLEX adhesive, adjust the adhesive coat weight, or swap out the liner to meet the unique specifications of your application.

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More Than Medical

This technology isn’t being limited to medical. Wearable devices have the potential to replace personal tracking devices worn as bracelets or necklaces by allowing consumers to wear their devices directly on the skin and out of sight. NNRU is rigid enough to convert easily and flexible enough to provide optimum comfort.

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DISCLAIMER: FLEXcon MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, COURSE OF PERFORMANCE, OR TRADE USAGE. This product is a device component intended solely for further processing, manufacturing, or incorporation into a finished device, and is further intended only for use as a device component on intact skin (i.e., not intended for use in the presence of open sores or wounds nor for applications inside the body). Customer is solely responsible for determining whether this component product is fit for Customer’s intended use, including, without limitation, incorporation into Customer’s finished device(s), and for performing any additional testing that may be necessary to support Customer’s intended use. Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that its use of the component product is in compliance with the applicable laws and for obtaining any necessary clearances or approvals from its use of the component product and any finished device that incorporates the component product. Biocompatibility testing was completed using a similar ‘source’ adhesive in some circumstances. Full biocompatibility results are available upon request.