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Skin-Friendly Adhesives

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Solutions
Skin-Friendly Tapes Recommended for General, Short-Term and Long-Term Use

FLEXcon® dermaFLEX is a product portfolio recommended for medical skin-contact applications. It combines flexible substrates with skin-friendly adhesives for applications such as medical tapes, wound care, monitoring and surgical drapes. dermaFLEX adhesives have been tested for biocompatibility (skin irritation, sensitization, and cytotoxicity) by FLEXcon’s adhesive suppliers using ISO-10993 or similar test methods.

Choose from a variety of standard constructions that utilize general purpose, gentle release, or long-term wear adhesives on a variety of substrates, or let us build the right product for your application. To learn more, view our FLEXcon® dermaFLEX­™ brochure (English)

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dermaflex medical tape

Medical Tapes for Wearable Devices

Medical Tapes

Single Sided and Double Sided Medical Tapes for Skin

Adhesive Tapes to secure:

  • IV Tubing
  • Wiring
  • Catheter Tubing
  • Ostomy Bags
Wearable Devices

Wearables Device Adhesives

Flexible Overtapes for:

  • Glucose Monitors
  • Insulin Pumps
  • Cardiac Monitors

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Surgeons in an operating room

Bonding and Mounting Tapes for General Use Patient Care

Bonding & mounting where incidental skin contact may occur

Medical Tapes

Bio-Signal Electrode Components

Soft Foam Substrates for:

  • ECG Electrodes
  • EMG Electrodes
  • EEG Electrodes

Discover the Benefits of FLEXcon skin care adhesives

Biocompatible Adhesives

  • Gentle Release
  • General Use
  • Long-Term Wear

Flexible and Breathable Substrates

  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Vinyl (V)
  • Foam (P.E.F.)
  • Non-woven Polyester (NVP)
  • Urethanes (U)
  • Nylon-Reinforced (NNRU)

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Reference the Biocompatability Letters for each adhesive in our portfolio:

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Check out our dermaFLEX™ standard products, which can be customized to meet your needs - right down to the release liner and adhesive thickness.

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To learn more about the applications, adhesives and substrates, view our FLEXcon® dermaFLEX­™ brochure. For our complete list of products for healthcare, view our Healthcare Solutions brochure. To start a conversation, call (508) 885-8440 or fill out the form below!

DISCLAIMER: FLEXcon MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, COURSE OF PERFORMANCE, OR TRADE USAGE. This product is a device component intended solely for further processing, manufacturing, or incorporation into a finished device, and is further intended only for use as a device component on intact skin (i.e., not intended for use in the presence of open sores or wounds nor for applications inside the body). Customer is solely responsible for determining whether this component product is fit for Customer’s intended use, including, without limitation, incorporation into Customer’s finished device(s), and for performing any additional testing that may be necessary to support Customer’s intended use. Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that its use of the component product is in compliance with the applicable laws and for obtaining any necessary clearances or approvals from its use of the component product and any finished device that incorporates the component product. Biocompatibility testing was completed using a similar ‘source’ adhesive in some circumstances. Full biocompatibility results are available upon request.