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Biocompatible Skin Contact Adhesives

FLEXcon® dermaFLEX™ Meets ISO 10993 Standards

Today’s medical marketplace is a sticky environment, at least when it comes to products that may come in contact with skin. A material intended to interface with the surface of your body must be biocompatible, or it just won’t make the cut. We’ve got that covered.

FLEXcon offers a series of biocompatible, skin contact adhesives in our dermaFLEX product line. Each has met the three requirements for intact skin contact within the ISO 10993 standard so they’re safe for skin contact and suitable for applications where skin contact is a requirement or a possibility.

The three requirements for intact skin contact:

  • Sensitization
  • Irritation
  • Cytotoxicity

Adhesive for Delicate or Compromised Skin

Certain skin types cannot withstand the aggressiveness of some medical adhesives. That's why we added a silicone skin contact adhesive to our product offering. Its low peel values allow for much more gentle removal from delicate skin than standard acrylic medical adhesives, making it ideal for neonatal and elderly patients, or patients with scar-sensitive or recovering skin. 

 Acrylic Adhesives  
Silicone Adhesive 
Adhesive dermaFLEX™ H-566
dermaFLEX™ H-520


Tack 1210 1030
Shear 5 5 100+ <0.10
Immediate Peel 
(1 minute dwell) SS
47 (517) 35 (385) 20 (220)
<1 (<10)
Ideal Application Surfaces Healthy, hairy skin Healthy skin Applications that require gentle removability Extremely sensitive neonatal & elderly skin, repeat applications
Potential Applications Electrodes
Surgical drapes
Medical tapes
Medical dressings
Diagnostic components
Film Compatibility Polyethylene Foam (closed cell)
Non-woven Polyester 
Polyurethane Films
Reinforced Polyurethane Film (NNRU)
Polyester Films 
Polyethylene Films
Polypropylene Films
Vinyl Films
Transfer Tapes
Polyester Film

dermaFLEX™ In the News and Beyond

Application Opportunities

Check out our standard VBS products, which can be customized to meet your needs - right down to the release liner and adhesive thickness - so you can fulfill your converting and end-use requirements. To discuss your application opportunities or order samples, give us a call at (508) 885-8214 or send us an email.