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Ensure Printed Circuit Board Label Performance

Crucial Asset Tracking Information Remains Intact

Engineered to handle the heat, abrasion and chemicals of the PCB manufacturing process, FLEXcon’s THERMLfilm® HT™ products provide optimum performance. Also suitable for high-temperature automotive and electronics labeling applications, THERMLfilm HT can be a solid offering to include in your high-temperature labeling catalog.

  • Choose from 1 and 2 mil polyimide options available on a variety of release liners
  • Print high-density barcode, data matrix code and alphanumeric identification of printed circuit boards with a variety of thermal transfer ribbons
  • Printability at 600 dpi for consistent ANSI scanning
  • Can withstand intermittent heat up to 750° F (398°C) and the reflow and in-line cleaning processes without loss of informational integrity or adhesion
  • Halogen-free
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • UL/cUL recognized with a variety of ribbons
Circuit Board Barcode

For surface mount leaded and non-leaded reflow.

THERMLfilm HT PI1 and PI2 products can withstand the cleaning environments for surface mount printed circuit boards.

  • Static dissipating properties of the topcoat minimize the risk of print voids
  • Available on 50 lb. glassine, 50 lb. kraft and 1.5 mil polyester release liners
  • Some products available in pre-slit rolls

View our THERMLfilm HT series application guide

Need something that can withstand wave solder? No problem.

The THERMLfilm HT 9000 Series offers similar properties to our PI1 and PI2 products, plus the ability to withstand exposure to the wave solder environment in the PCB manufacturing process.

  • Tested at ITW Speedline Technologies, ZESTRON Americas and KYZEN laboratories using the ZESTRON®* and KYZEN®** product family of washing solutions
  • Printable via thermal transfer resin ribbons
  • Available on 50 lb. glassine and 1.5 mil polyester release liners

*ZESTRON® is a registered trademark of ZESTRON Americas.
**KYZEN® is a registered trademark of KYZEN Corporation.

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