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Outdoor Durable Fluorescent Pressure-Sensitive Films

STABRITEĀ® improves visibility of safety applications.

Need to be sure that conspicuity markings, caution & warning labels and emergency signage will be seen, even in low-light? Such markings are easily missed in conditions such as twilight, dawn, inclement weather or poorly-lit internal environments. STABRITE films provide a high level of conspicuity during all lighting conditions because they actually absorb light from low-energy wavelengths and convert it to a selected visible wavelength. They provide exceptional conspicuity over long distances and draw the attention of the eye and mind.

Offer a Distinct Advantage in Multiple Markets

STABRITE non-overlaminated vinyl films are inherently printable and ideal for caution & warning labels in the automotive, durable goods, industrial equipment and heavy equipment markets, as well as emergency signage in plant and warehouse environments. The EL (overlaminated versions) are ideal for conspicuity markings such as plotter cut letters, numbers and shapes.

Ensure Outdoor Durability

As the name implies, STABRITE films are long lasting even in the presence of intense sunlight and high moisture. That’s why they are the film of choice by the U.S. Coast Guard for channel markers. Other fluorescent materials suffer from rapid decay of the fluorescent colorants, especially outdoors. Available in 3-year and 5-year outdoor durable versions, colors won’t fade, even with UV exposure.

Order Directly From FLEXcon

STABRITE films are produced by our subsidiary, SMV Technologies in San Antonio, Texas, but you can request samples and place orders directly with FLEXcon. Ask your sales or customer service representative for details.

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Please fill out the form to receive one 8"x10" sample roll of STABRITE 6100, Red-Orange STABRITE 5000 Green, STABRITE EL 6100 Red-Orange and STABRITE EL 5000 Green.