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FLEXcon® NEXgen™ Product Line – The Next Generation of Durable Labels

High-performing robust materials backed by years of experience and proven performance in the market.

Ensure robust performance of durable labels with our newly launched FLEXcon® NEXgen™ product line. The 30 products in our portfolio consist of polyesters, polypropylenes and vinyls and offer versatility to meet a full range of applications, including compliance labels, brand identity labels, and warning & instructional labels.

FLEXcon NEXgen Product line

Cross Platform Printability Icon Topcoats with Cross-Platform Printability

This line features FLEXcon’s two most dependable topcoats – matte MTC-722 and gloss TC-716 – which are compatible with various print platforms including thermal transfer, narrow-format digital, and conventional methods.

Superior Adhesion IconReliable Adhesion

Products are paired with three adhesive systems that bond to the most challenging surfaces: L-344, L-606, and/or L-778.

UL/cUL and CSA Ready Portfolios

Save time and money with pre-approved products. FLEXcon has the most extensive UL listing in the industry as well as the UL expertise to guide you.

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Ready to Ship IconReady to Ship

Most products are ready to ship from our Quick-Ship inventory.

Simplify the variety of durable labeling solutions you need to purchase with FLEXcon® NEXgen™!

Our FLEXcon® NEXgen™ product line utilizes the latest and greatest components for reliable performance in durable labeling applications. This product line offers unique advantages over some of our earlier generation product lines for durable labeling. Click here to see which FLEXcon products have a “next generation” replacement in our FLEXcon® NEXgen™ line.