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Legacy Products

FLEXcon has simplified our product offering for durable labeling by bringing together our most robust and versatile components in the FLEXcon® NEXgen™ product line. What was once an over-choice of products across several product lines is now a clear and concise product offering in FLEXcon® NEXgen™.

The table below is a reference to match up the legacy products with their new and improved FLEXcon® NEXgen™ replacement. 

If you are a current customer of one or more of the legacy products, we encourage you to explore the benefits of the FLEXcon® NEXgen™ product line by clicking on the link and/or reaching out to your sales representative for more information. 

If you are not a current customer of any of these products today, then the FLEXcon® NEXgen™ line is the perfect place to start for your durable labeling needs.

Legacy (Earlier Generation) FLEXcon® NEXgen™ Product Nomenclature
FLX# FLEXcon® Product Nomenclature FLX# Product Nomenclature
FLX000282 COMPUcal® EXCEL™ 20440  FLX068698 MCP344
FLX000284 COMPUcal® EXCEL™ 21440  FLX068704 MWP344
FLX000295 COMPUcal® EXCEL™ 21450  FLX068704 MWP344
FLX000286 COMPUcal® EXCEL™ 22440  FLX068712 MSP344
FLX000290 COMPUcal® EXCEL™ 22450  FLX068712 MSP344
FLX000397 DPM® FLEX WHITE VL  FLX068718 WV344
FLX000306 DPM® FW  FLX068718 WV344
FLX000307 DPM® FWRTS  FLX068720 WV344H
FLX000308 DPM® FWS  FLX068721 WV344S
FLX000309 DPM® FWSRTS  FLX068722 WV344HS
FLX000400 DPM® FWSVL  FLX068721 WV344S
FLX000311 DPM® PC  FLX068693 CP344
FLX000312 DPM® PCRTS  FLX068695 CP606H
FLX000313 DPM® PCS  FLX068694 CP344S
FLX000314 DPM® PCSRTS  FLX068696 CP606HS
FLX010370 DPM® PCSVL  FLX068694 CP344S
FLX000377 DPM® PW  FLX068699 WP344
FLX000315 DPM® PWRTS  FLX068701 WP606H
FLX000375 DPM® PWS  FLX068700 WP344S
FLX000376 DPM® PWSRTS FLX068702   WP606HS
FLX000370 DPM® PWVL  FLX068699 WP344
FLX000316 DPM® S  FLX068709 SP344
FLX000317 DPM® SM  FLX068714 SMP344
FLX000318 DPM® SMRTS  FLX068716 SMP606H
FLX000319 DPM® SMS  FLX068715 SMP344S
FLX000320 DPM® SMSRTS  FLX068717 SMP606HS
FLX000322 DPM® SS  FLX068710 SP344S
FLX000323 DPM® SSRTS  FLX068739 SP606HS 
FLX066107 DPM® UVIJ 1FW  FLX068718 WV344
FLX066142 DPM® UVIJ 1FWS  FLX068721 WV344S
FLX064380 DPM® UVIJ 1PC  FLX068693 CP344
FLX064383 DPM® UVIJ 1PCS  FLX068694 CP344S
FLX065999 DPM® UVIJ 1PPW  FLX068544 WPP344
FLX066000 DPM® UVIJ 1PPWS  FLX068532 WPP344S
FLX064381 DPM® UVIJ 1PW  FLX068699 WP344
FLX064384 DPM® UVIJ 1PWS  FLX068700 WP344S
FLX000465 THERMLfilm SELECT® 20920  FLX068693 CP344
FLX049809 THERMLfilm SELECT® 20940  FLX068693 CP344
FLX000466 THERMLfilm SELECT® 20970  FLX068695 CP606H
FLX009627 THERMLfilm SELECT® 21230  FLX068704 MWP344
FLX009628 THERMLfilm SELECT® 21830  FLX068699 WP344
FLX009629 THERMLfilm SELECT® 21860  FLX068699 WP344
FLX009631 THERMLfilm SELECT® 21920  FLX068699 WP344
FLX000467 THERMLfilm SELECT® 21940  FLX068699 WP344
FLX000468 THERMLfilm SELECT® 21970  FLX068701 WP606H
FLX009623 THERMLfilm SELECT® 22230  FLX068712 MSP344
FLX009624 THERMLfilm SELECT® 22830  FLX068714 SMP344
FLX000470 THERMLfilm SELECT® 22940  FLX068714 SMP344
FLX000471 THERMLfilm SELECT® 22970  FLX068716 SMP606H
FLX054108 THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ 20120  FLX068693 CP344
FLX054109 THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ 21120  FLX068699 WP344
FLX054119 THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ 22120  FLX068709 SP344
FLX054110 THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ 23120  FLX068714 SMP344