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Ensure Drum Labels Comply with Global Harmonization Standards

FLEXcon® DRUMcal™ for hazardous container labeling.

GHS requires that chemical and petroleum companies, as well as companies that utilize their products, include specific information on all primary and secondary container labels. Watch our video, GHS Simplified, for details.

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Need BS 5609 Section 3 certification for print durability?

We’ve got you covered. We can conduct Section 3 testing on any of our FLEXcon® DRUMcal™ Section 2-approved products with your inks. We’ll need your printed samples for testing. Contact your Customer Service Representative to get started.

Below are links to our Section 3 approved test reports:

DRUMcal for Chemical Labeling

FLEXcon offers a complete line of drum labeling products for the marking of metal, plastic and fiber drums. The offering includes polypropylene, polyesters, and topcoated and non-topcoated vinyls, to meet the rigorous demands of hazardous container labeling, including cold temperature application and salt water immersion.

Print with confidence.


  • Painted metal, plastic and fiber drums
  • Ground and maritime shipping 
  • End user in-plant labeling

Options to Meet Your Needs:

  • High-performance adhesives for cold temperature environments and better chemical resistance 
  • General purpose adhesives for less demanding applications 
  • BS5609 compliant products 
  • Quick-ship availability 


  • Cost-effective solutions for less demanding applications 
  • Thermal transfer and laser (dry- and liquid-toner based systems) printability 
  • 1-year outdoor durability


  • Superior chemical resistance 
  • Thermal transfer and laser (dry- and liquid-toner based systems) printability  
  • 2-year outdoor durability


  • Laser (dry- and liquid-toner based systems) printability 
  • 2-year outdoor durability

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