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Conformable, Metalized Pressure-Sensitive Film

FLEXcon® DPM® U 150 Silver for durable labels and decorative decals.

The mirror-like finish of FLEXcon’s DPM® U 150 Silver is ideal for high-end durable labels and decorative decals, and its superior conformability makes it an excellent choice for die-cut labels or graphics being applied to compound surfaces. Perfect for decorative decals, compliance labels, warning and instructional labels, brand identity labels, and nameplates, this product is outdoor durable for five years and is compatible with Thermal Transfer-Wax/Resin Ribbons, UV Flexo and UV Screen.*

A variety of Thermal Transfer Ribbons have been qualified by ribbon manufacturers to be compatible with DPM® U 150 Silver. See the list below.

*Test printing is recommended.

DPM U150 Silver

Thermal Transfer Qualified Ribbons

Ribbon Supplier Black Ribbon Colored Ribbons
Dynic S2, A30, LA3, LA8, HL72, HL49, HL30, HL32, HL45, NK45, HL101, HF12, HA1, HT18, HT13, HT17  
DNP TR4070, R300, R510HF, R390
R510 red, blue, green 
TR3370 white
Kurz USA K 501, K 504  
AWR 470, AWR 8, AWX FH, APR 6, APX FH+, AXR 7+, AXR 8, AXR 9** 
Printer should be tuned precisely 
for optimum print quality.
Datamax O'Neil SDR5, SDR5A, AXR71  
ITW Thermal Films
B324, B325, B813, B814
B120 red, B325W white
ITW Coding Products TTR7996 resin ribbon

*Sirius is a registered trademark of Dynic Corporation
**AWR, AWX, APR, APX and AXR are registered trademarks of ARMOR SA Company.