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Highly-Conformable FLEXcon® DPM® Cast Vinyl

Ideal for heavy equipment labeling and more.

Are you in need of a highly-conformable cast vinyl with excellent dimensional stability for use in heavy equipment labeling or permanent outdoor signage applications? Look no further!  DPM® CWOS (cast white opaque sheet) and DPM® CWS (cast white sheet) are your solutions.  

Overview of Product Offering:

  • 2.0 mil highly-conformable cast vinyl adheres to flat, curved and riveted surfaces
  • CWOS features a "gray coating" on the backside of the film that provides 100% opacity so the color of the application surface doesn't bleed through
  • No need to overlaminate
  • V-344 permanent adhesive bonds well to low- and high-surface energy plastics and metals, as well as moderately rough surfaces
  • 90-lb. moisture stable liner for efficient converting and handling
  • Printable via UV and solvent screen
  • 7-year outdoor durability
  • Available in Quick-Ship for fast delivery
  • 2.0 mil cast colors available upon request
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