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Trapped Air is Great for Bubble Wrap. Not So Much for Durable Labels.

Introducing FLEXcon® DPM Aply® robust durable labeling products with air egress release liner for a bubble-free experience.

Enjoy smooth bubble-free label application on challenging surfaces such as molded plastics and powder-coated paints with DPM Aply®* with air egress release liner.

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Trapped air under the label caused by poor application can lead to label failure. Minimize rework with DPM Aply® with air egress liner.

Eliminate Bubbles, Wrinkles, and Rework

90 lb. embossed liner creates air egress channels in the adhesive that eliminate bubbles, wrinkles, and rework in the application process, yielding labels with superior appearance

Print with Confidence

Vinyl and polypropylene films offer excellent dimensional stability and excellent surface smoothness yielding consistent print quality.

Ensure Lasting Adhesion

Industry-proven V/L-344 high-performance permanent solvent-based acrylic adhesive bonds well to challenging surfaces with no label lifting.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Polypropylene (sustainable vinyl alternatives with equivalent performance to vinyl), polyester, and vinyl films.


Specifically designed for narrow-format brand identification labels and safety/hazard/instructional labels.

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UL-Recognized Portfolio

Save time and money with pre-approved products. Most products are UL Recognized for indoor and outdoor use.

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*DPM Aply® with air egress liner is currently available for sale in North America only.

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