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Protect Durable Labels with FLEXcon® DPM® Overlaminates

Get maximum label protection and excellent image quality.

Whether the application conditions are mild or harsh, there’s a FLEXcon® DPM® overlaminate to meet the needs of your durable labels.

These 1-mil clear gloss and matte polyesters resist temperature extremes, abrasion and chemical exposure. The permanent, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds well to printed substrates, and the ultra-smooth polyester release liner provides excellent adhesive wet out. All are UL/cUL-recognized/CSA accepted and available from Quick-ship in 60” masters.*

*DPM® UVCG is also available in 4.5” and 9” x 2500’ pre-slit rolls.

FLX # FLEXcon® Product  Gloss  Matte UV-blocking   For UV Inkjet
000303 DPM® CG 

066925 DPM® IJCG

000324 DPM® UVCG

066927 DPM® UJUCVG

000304 DPM® CM

066926  DPM® IJCM

058679  DPM® UVCM

066928  DPM® IJUVCM   
✓   ✓

Ensure Label Legibility in the Harshest Conditions

UV-Blocking Polyesters protect labels from harmful UV rays.

  • 5-year outdoor durability
  • Resistant to UV rays, temperature extremes, abrasion, and chemical exposure 

Put Adhesion Issues Over UV Inkjet Inks in the Rearview Mirror

DPM® IJ Series overlaminates are designed to flow out better over high-deposition UV inkjet inks to provide optimum adhesion to the underlying graphic.

  • Permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive provides superior performance and image quality 
  • Compatible with FLEXcon’s digitally printable polyester base films
  • Regular and UV-blocking options available

Choose Basic protection for when a more robust option isn’t needed

Standard Polyesters are ideal for less rigorous applications such as power tools and medical devices.

  • 2-year outdoor durability

To learn more about choosing the right overlaminate for your application, read The ABC’s of Overlaminate Selection.

Experience The FLEXcon Difference™

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