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Manufacturing Day Brings Manufacturers Together

FLEXcon Employees Take Part in Celebration and Share Their Experience

FLEXcon celebrates Manufacturing Day, a national event taking place every October, meant to empower manufacturers to come together and address their collective challenges, such as the skilled labor shortage, the need to connect with future generations, and taking charge of the public image of manufacturing to ensure the ongoing prosperity of manufacturers in the U.S.

FLEXcon has long been a supporter of manufacturing and is committed to advancing manufacturing careers in Massachusetts and across the U.S. Employees have the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally through on-the-job training and tuition reimbursement initiatives, all done while working in a team-oriented atmosphere. FLEXcon helps employees reach their full potential every day. Click here for more information about careers at FLEXcon.

Employees Share Their Thoughts

In honor of Manufacturing Day, FLEXcon employees shared personal sentiments, below, on what they love about their job and why young people should pursue careers in the field.

Machine PS Coater

Richard Jakubowski

Rich Beer

Julie Fehlmann

Timothy Leinart

Daniel Kimball