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FLEXcon Face Shields

Transparent Full-Face Safety Shields for General Healthcare Use

Several people from our local communities approached us about making face shields. Our innovative FLEXcon workforce came up with the product design, prototyping, user testing, assembly instructions, name, logo, packaging, website and production process, and they delivered the first 2,000 for sampling within 36 hours. Since then, donations of this innovative face shield have been made to over 50 different organizations, including UMass Memorial Hospital and our neighbor, the Spencer Rescue Squad.

FLEXcon Face Shield Real

View the video to watch a demonstration of how to assemble the face shield. You may also download the assembly instructions.


  • Flexible: Comes with holes and can be easily installed on any safety glasses
  • Full visibility: Optically clear PET film provides unrestricted visibility

Note: These single-use disposable face shields are manufactured by FLEXcon and intended for general healthcare use; not intended to provide liquid barrier protection. They are not tested for medical use and may not prevent the spread of infectious disease.

*Patent Pending

If you are interested in receiving samples, or placing an order, please reach out using the form below.