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FLEXcon 2022 Calendar & Conversion Chart

Similar to our approach to 2022, our decal was designed with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement.

This year’s calendar & conversion chart from FLEXcon are two separate decals on one liner.  

Why? We understand that you may need to reference the date in a different area than you’re doing your conversions. As a bonus, the conversion chart is timeless, it won’t need to be swapped out when this year is over! The overlaminate will protect the graphics so they’ll be readable until you’re ready to replace your calendar and conversion chart.

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The Construction:

  • Base Film: FLEXcon® FLEXmark® WR: FLX059985
    • The white opaque removable vinyl is perfect for many of the most popular Out-of-Home Advertising applications including: signage, walls, windows and more!
  • Overlaminate:  FLEXcon® JETbond® 44138BN: FLX066520
    • This luster, UV resistant overlaminate features a natural (tan) Kraft liner that requires less energy to produce as compared to bleached (white) liners and there is no bleach wastewater to be treated in the manufacturing process.
  • Print Technology: While ideal for wide-format graphic applications, this versatile construction can also be used for counter mats at the point of purpose. We printed the calendar on the HP Latex R2000 Plus printer, resulting in crisp, clean, readable graphics.
flexcon 2022 calendar

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Focus on Sustainability

As a Sustainable Green Printing Partnership-certified (SGP) company, FLEXcon ensures all materials are manufactured with sustainability in mind.