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Increase Visual Appeal and Heighten Shopper Attention

Attract Customers with the Visual Effects of Specialty Films

Human attraction to shiny things is a well-documented phenomenon. Scientists believe it has to do with our innate need for water – which certainly glistens when light strikes it. That’s why using shiny films in signage and P-O-P is a great way to attract customers.

Enhance Static Graphics on General-Purpose Signage, P-O-P Displays, and Novelty Stickers 

• Provide light and movement for increased visual appeal that leads to shopper attention
• Give a premium look and feel that differentiates
• Combine opaque and translucent inks to allow prismatic patterns, glitter, or phosphorescence to selectively show through

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Choose from Multiple Patterns and Colors

FLEXcon® PRISMcal® self-adhesive light-diffracting metallized films - 4 standard prismatic patterns in stock – ship in 2 days (two patterns in pre-sheeted inventory)
FLEXcon® SHIMMERcal™ self-adhesive glitter films – standard silver (pre-sheeted inventory available) 
FLEXcon® PHOSPHORESCENT self-adhesive glow-in-the-dark films
• Custom prismatic patterns and glitter colors with color match available

Process Easily and Efficiently 

• Smooth vinyl surfaces for optimum ink laydown with a variety of print technologies
• Layflat release liners for easy converting
• Thermal die cuttable

Value-add Backside Printability

• For product instructions, coupon codes, application instructions (PRISMcal® only)

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