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Glitter Films Stand Out

Add Pop, Sparkle and Pizzazz with FLEXcon® SHIMMERcal™ Self-Adhesive Films

Our line of self-adhesive SHIMMERcal™ glitter films will make your client’s projects stand out among the competition. This specialty film line is ideal for novelty stickers and decals, promotional graphics, and point-of-purchase displays. Color options for SHIMMERcal™ products include black, royal blue, dark red, fuchsia, gold, green, mixed disco, red and silver.

SHIMMERcal™ in the news:

Performance Benefits:

  • 2.4 mil rigid [color] vinyl film offers good surface quality
  • SHIMMERcal™ SILVERDG is DigiPRO® topcoated for HP Indigo printing
  • Our DigiPRO® topcoat technology allows us to topcoat any of the SHIMMERcal™ colors, or other V 240 specialty films for HP Indigo printing
  • Printable via solvent and UV screen and solvent and UV inkjet
  • Permanent aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive is filled with metallic flakes for glitter appearance, and provides good tack and excellent adhesion properties
  • 90 lb. layflat release liner is ideal for sheet-form converting

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