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Shelf Edge Advertising That Delivers

FLEXcon® SHELF Select® Brings Robust Performance to the At-Retail Shelf Environment

The shelf edge represents another “prime piece” of retail real estate used to engage with the shopper, promote brand loyalty, and increase sales. Our SHELF Select® FCFZR and FWFZR deliver robust performance in the at-retail shelf environment — in the freezer, dairy case, and on the dry goods shelf. Both are ideal for shelf talkers and shelf markers (unit price labels). 

Performance Benefits: 

  • Products stay flat through the laser printer, on the shelf, in the dairy case, and in the freezer.
  • Removable adhesive bonds well to powder-coated paint, metal, high- and low-surface energy plastics, and glass.
  • Adhesive removes cleanly from most shelf edges (conduct fit-for-use testing under actual conditions).
  • Excellent tracking on press and reliable feeding through laser printers.
  • Printable with flexographic inks. Converters will need to apply laser toner-receptive varnish for proper toner adhesion.
  • Good chemical resistance to mild cleaning products.
  • FLEXcon recommends that the product be applied to a clean, dry surface for optimum results.
SHELF Select