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Interior-Mounted Graphics That Engage Shoppers

FLEXcon® SEETHRU-SIGN® Clear Flex 2 Provides See-Through Viewing and Adheres to Zoning Restrictions

City and town zoning restrictions for exterior-mounted window graphics can present a challenge for retailers trying to engage consumers before they enter the store. By using interior-mounted graphics, retailers and brands can speak to shoppers while adhering to such restrictions.

SEETHRU-SIGN® Clear Flex 2 (STSCF2), a VBS Better product, is a 6.0-mil perforated film designed for interior-mounted applications. This unique product offers performance for see-through viewing from the inside out and graphic visibility from the outside looking in. Because it’s meant for indoor use, it is less likely that graphics will be vandalized or stolen. 

A few key product benefits include:

  • 70/30 pattern yields more image area for improved "POP" in graphics
  • Allows for more creativity with graphic design for intricate shapes - no need to die cut
  • UV inkjet printable (white opaque inks)
  • Available with a solid liner for screen and offset printing
  • Available in Quick-Ship for fast delivery, and Pre-Slit rolls at store.FLEXcon.com

Capitalize on your capabilities and offer a differentiated solution to your clients with STSCF2. 

SEETHRU-SIGN® Clear Flex 2