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Achieve Industrial Vibe with FLEXcon® PRISMcal® Diamond Plate

Make Your Promotional Graphics Shine with Unique Graphic Appeal

For your next unique application that calls for an industrial vibe, create the look of polished chrome! FLEXcon® PRISMcal® V 270 Silver Diamond Plate V-344 94 PRT PFW gives point-of-purchase (P-O-P) displays, interior signage and after-market applications the appearance of rugged steel and the shine of polished chrome.

With its unique “diamond plate” pattern, this VBS Better product is a metalized vinyl that allows for clean, uninterrupted graphics with no shim lines. With the look of tough, durable metal, but without the heavy weight and price, PRISMcal® V 270 Silver Diamond Plate can be used for promotional applications to create unique graphic appeal!

PRISMcal® V 270 Silver Diamond Plate’s V-344 high-performance adhesive is an aggressive permanent acrylic that provides a permanent bond to a wide range of surfaces. It features high peel and shear, and is resistant to cold flow and ooze.

Other features include:

  • Printable via conventional methods
  • Easily die cut and thermally die-cuttable
  • Backed with a premium grade backside printable liner with excellent layflat qualities
  • Available in 48-inch wide master rolls in Quick-Ship for fast delivery

Like many of FLEXcon’s products, it can be customized for a vast array of applications. 

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PRISMcal Silver Diamond Plate