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Indoor Floor Advertising System For Large-Panel Graphics

Heavy Foot Traffic is No Problem For FLEXmark® floor art™ Floor Advertising System

Large-panel floor graphics come with a unique set of challenges, especially in high-traffic areas. Pressure-sensitive films for floors must withstand the wear and tear of heavy pedestrian traffic, floor buffers, chemicals, waxes, solvents, and wax strippers, while also meeting or exceeding industry accepted standards for slip resistance. The adhesive must hold the graphic in place, but also be cleanly removable after the promotion is over. FLEXcon® FLEXmark® floor art 4730, when used with FLEXmark® OV1450, will not lift even if panels are overlapped. That means graphics stay put throughout the life of your campaign!

Dark colors and metalized graphics look exceptional!

FLEXmark® OV1450 overlaminate provides excellent clarity over dark colors and metalized graphics without sacrificing durability.

  • The system is designed with a more aggressive removable adhesive than standard floor advertising systems, so it adheres well to ceramic tile with shallow grout lines, PVC tile and sealed concrete. 
  • The 14.5 mil textured overlaminate is slightly thinner than competitive offerings, providing increased elongation and conformability for faster installation and improved adhesion to the floor. 
  • The system is designed for durability and removability up to 90 days.
  • FLEXmark® floor art 4730 UL Classified floor coating and finishing material when used with component FLEXmark® OV1450 as to slip resistance only SA13235.
  • OUTFRONT Media approved for station domination floor graphics.

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Large panel graphic on indoor floor

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